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Grandview-Woodlands Townhouses for Sale, Vancouver, BC | East Van Townhouses

Grandview-Woodlands Townhouses and Townhomes

Grandview-Woodlands Community

Grandview Woodland is a neighbourhood in East Vancouver just East of Strathcona. It stretches from the Burred inlet at the North to Broadway Street at the South. Grandview goes from Clark drive to the West and Nanaimo Street to the East.


Grandview-Woodlands is an eclectic neighbourhood that has a mix of industrial, residential and commercial zoning. There are single family homes as well as condos, townhomes and duplexes. You will also find Co-op housing, government housing and a large group of First Nations. We have seen quite a few smaller strata developments as well, consisting of 3-6 homes.


As of 2011 the population of the Grandview area was 27,297 which accounted for 4.5% of the Vancouver population. The largest segment of the population is the 30-44 year old range followed closely by the 20-19 year old range. Between these two groups 48% of the Grandview-Woodland population is made. It has always been a very family-oriented neighbourhood and we are seeing the community becoming more family friendly as the number of households with children continues to rise.

The most well known area of Grandview is Commercial Drive, also known as “The Drive”. The Drive is home to some of Vancouver’s most well known restaurants, coffee shops, Italian delis and the best place to watch World Cup Soccer!

As of July 2016 a new community plan was approved for Grandview-Woodland. The goal of the community plan is to protect the heart of soul of the neighbourhood and plan for an anticipated growth of 10,000 people over the next three decades. The plan is to keep evolving as a mixed-income community that is transit oriented and rich in culture.

Some of our favourite townhome complexes are in this area including the Brix, Live at the Mix, The Jeffs Residences and Grandview Cascades,

Grandview-Woodlands Townhouse Real Estate Market

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Grandview-Woodlands Townhouses for Sale