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Commercial Drive Townhouses for Sale, Vancouver BC | East Van Townhouses

Commercial Drive Townhouses and Townhomes

Commercial Drive Community

Commercial Drive is one of the most multi-cultural areas in Vancouver.  This area is bordered with Venables to the North, E. 22nd to the South and between Clark Dr. on the West and Nanaimo St on the East.

There is a very large Italian and Portuguese component to the Drivethat tends to come together for social events on a yearly basis.  This combined with vintage coffee shops, vegetarian restaurants, and every kind of ethnic food you can think of, Commercial Drive definitely has something for everyone.  Most of this area was single family homes but we are now seeing quite a few new developments going in closer to Commercial Drive and the skytrain.  There are some great new townhome developments along the drive as well as some mixed into the community just East of Commercial Drive.  

Some of the older detached homes have been converted into 3 or 4 unit townhome complexes and are really great for young families.  This area has plenty of traffic calmed streets, parks, community centres and easy access to the rest of Vancouver. Don’t expect to get into this area for much less than $600k.

Community Centres:

Elementary Schools:

Commercial Drive Townhouse Real Estate Market

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Commercial Drive Townhouses for Sale