Buying a Home in East Vancouver

Buying an East Vancouver Townhouse or Duplex?

We have been through the process over and over again and understand that it can be challenging to find your ideal home but with our no pressure approach we guarantee that we will make it as enjoyable as possible.  Trust in us to give you the best possible chance to find your next East Vancouver home and negotiate for you to insure that you do not overpay for your property.

Our knowledge of the schools, day cares, restaurants, amenities are all heightened with the fact that East Vancouver is our home as well.  Being born and raised here we know the ins and outs of living in East Van, what families look for and truly love the diversity of the community.

Why Buy with an East Vancouver Specialist?

Living and working in the community not only helps us track on a daily basis what is coming to the market, what is selling and what is not selling but it also keeps our data relevant.  We know what buildings sell quickly, what buildings demand top dollar, and what buildings may need some work.  We walk you through the buying process during each step of the way.  Not only are we specific to East Vancouver but we also pride ourselves in knowing the townhomes and duplexes in the area.  We consider ourselves not only neighbourhood experts but also neighbourhood specialists.

What is the Buying Process?

Step 1:  What can you Afford

It’s always important to know what you can afford before you start shopping.  We don’t want you to fall in love with a home only to realize that this is probably a few years away from being a reality.  And vice versa, you may be able to afford more than you think.  This is why we start by sitting you down with a trusted mortgage broker to work out a pre-approval.  This enables us to know our parameters before we go any further.

Step 2:  What do I want?

We always want to know what you would love to have in your new home.  This can be as simple as the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms that you are looking for but it can be as in depth as we want to go.  What type of neighbourhood do you want to be in?  What school do you want your kids to attend?  How big is your renovation budget? Do you need a patio?  A den?  A garage?  Once we have painted an overall picture it really helps us get started on the search.

Step 3:  Viewing Properties

Once we have a feel for what you are looking for now the fun begins.  We schedule the tours and showings and we begin to view properties together.  Depending on the market we may need to be viewing properties the day they hit the market and other times we may have some time.  You are also free to view open houses on your own and we can assist you in which opens you should likely attend.  We keep communication open to discuss and advise pros and cons of different homes and their values.

Step 4:  Submit an Offer

Now we have found the home that you are comfortable with and want to move forward on.  We sit down and come up with a plan for pricing, conditions and dates.


Pricing will depend on a few factors.  If there are other offers then we likely need to be more aggressive with our price. Depending on the situation there will likely be less room, if any, to negotiate and we need to place ourselves in a chance to be competitive.  If we are the only offer then we have a bit more room to negotiate.  We handle the negotiation for you and advise you throughout the process.


Conditions, also known as “subjects”, are what we use to protect the buyer.  Subject to financing, inspection, review of condo documents, etc. are all examples of conditions that we use to protect our buyer and allow them time to finalize the deal.  Subject period is typically 5-10 days, however we are seeing more and more offers be subject free as they are more favourable in multiple offer situations.


Closing dates and possession dates can be very instrumental in making an offer appealing or not.  If the home is empty the seller likely wants a fast close.  If the seller still needs to find a place to buy then we may need to adjust dates to accommodate.  These can be big negotiation factors along with the price.

Finally once we have an accepted offer on your East Vancouver property we remain by your side until handing you over the keys to your new home.  During this time you will meet with a Notary, and get your finances in order.  We can help advise you throughout this process and are always only a phone call away.

If you would like to find your next townhouse or duplex in East Vancouver please give us a call at 604-363-7858 or fill in your info on the form below and we will contact you to start the search!

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