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East Vancouver (commonly known as East Van or the East Side) is a region in Vancouver, British Columbia known for diversity, culture and history. East Vancouver is divided by the West Side of Vancouver by Ontario Street. It is bordered to the north by the Burrard Inlet and to the south by the Fraser River. On the far East side is Boundary Street which divides East Van from Burnaby.

East Vancouver Boundaries

East Vancouver Neighbourhoods

East Vancouver is home to Vancouver’s first every neighbourhood, Strathcona. In the 1800’s the first European settlers made Strathcona home before moving into areas that are now knowns as Mount Pleasant.

East Vancouver has 11 communities based on how the City of Vancouver breaks them up:

Overall East Vancouver is known as a community that prides itself in having many ethnic communities, an eclectic artistic scene, a vocal youth political group and a community that supports a variety gender-identity groups.

The most identifiable community would be “Little Italy”. When the vast majority of Italian immigrants moved to Vancouver they Little Italy was formed around Main Street however since the 1950’s Commercial Drive has been home to the majority of Italian restuarants, residents and businesses.

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