5 Reasons to Sell in the Winter

5 reasons to sell in the winter

People often think that real estate transactions only take place in the Spring, Summer and Fall.  It’s common to not want to sell in the winter for a variety of reasons.  Christmas Holidays, New Years Eve, poor weather and less real estate chatter are all among reasons why people choose not to sell in the winter.  Thankfully in Vancouver our real estate market truly is active for all 12 months.  Partly because we have less snow, warmer weather and tourists from all over the world, Vancouver’s real estate market keeps busy when other cities around the country tend to slow down.  Here are our 5 reasons to sell in the winter:

  1. Less competition

    Because the common assumption is that the market slows down over the holidays people chose not to list their homes during these times.  This creates less inventory and specifically less competition for those that do decide to sell over the winter.  If we look at total inventory numbers, December is always the lowest point of the year followed by November and January.  With less competition, there is likely to be more demand for your home.

  2. Serious Buyers

    Generally the buyers that are spending time booking showings and going through open houses during the winter months are buyers that are seriously looking.  Maybe they have already sold or maybe they have just moved to town, but generally speaking buyers that are looking over the holidays need to buy something and are ready to pull the trigger.

  3. Time Crunch

    Once the holidays wrap up and the seasons get warmer you can expect a lot of sellers putting their homes up for sale.  March, April and May are usually the busiest  months with the most listings.  If you can beat the rush you will likely have a better chance at more offers.

  4. Curb Appeal

    Often times you can really show off your home with beautiful lighting and winter flare over the holidays.  Curb appeal can be great in the winter if properly planned and a warm inviting home can be more attractive than a stuffy summer house.

  5. Move in the Summer

    If you sell your home in the winter there is a good chance that you won’t have to move until the summer.  Moving in the Spring or Summer will enable you to keep everything dry and not have to worry about moving in the middle of a winter storm.


Selling in the Winter in Vancouver can have many advantages.  If you are considering selling but are unsure if you should wait for the Spring or not, give us a call and we will give you our professional opinion.  Some homes sell better in different months.  We will give you the proper guidance with respect to your home which will be very beneficial if you are flexible in terms of when to sell.