How To Keep your East Vancouver Townhouse Warm

How to keep your house warm

With the winter that is upon us and the need to keep your East Vancouver townhouse warm here are some tips on how to keep your house warm during these cold winter months:

  1. Get a programmable thermostat

    Rather than trying to remember to turn down the heat when you leave for work, or when you go to bed, invest in a thermostat that you can program in advance.  Starting at roughly $300 for a good thermostat you can program the temperature of your house to maximize the comfort and cost of your heating bill.  We recommend having it cool down in the evenings and right as you leave for work, and heating up just before you get home.  Nest is one of the most popular brands that you can find at a local Home Depot or Canadian Tire.

  2. Maximize the sunlight

    We can have stretches of dark days, but on those beautiful sunny days, open your curtains.  Even on a cold day, sunlight will warm up your home.  On the contrary in the evening and when it is dark, keep those curtains closed.

  3. Keep the baseboards clean

    Electric baseboards are not the most appealing equipment to look at so people often push their sofa or bed against them.  The issue with this is that the heat gets absorbed into the furniture.  Do your best to keep your baseboard heaters free from furniture and make sure they are opened to maximize heat distribution.

  4. Seal your front door

    It may seem simple but most doors have poor seals.  Hire a contractor to come in and make sure that you are not getting drafts in through the cracks of the door.  Some weather stripping along the bottom of the door can go a long ways and is a very cheap remedy.

  5. Close doors

    If you have a spare bedroom or a bathroom that you do not use, close the door.  Keep the heat in the areas that you use and avoid paying to heat rooms that you are not using.

Vancouver doesn’t get the winters that the rest of Canada gets but it can still feel quite cold.  Rather than complaining about the cold lets do what we can to stay warm, keep our East Vancouver townhouse feeling inviting and give ourselves an escape from the wet winters that we do get.