How do I Decide What Townhouse to Buy?

Townhouse in East Vancouver

Looking for your next home can be difficult and trying to decide what townhouse to buy can involve a lot of factors.  At EastVan Townhouses we are here to help guide you through the way.

Typically the process will involve a few steps to help narrow down the search.  Here is a guide to help:


If your budget is $1 Million, don’t look at anything priced at $1.5 Million because guess what?  You will love it!  It is important that you figure out your budget before you start your search.  Understand what the bank will lend you but also what you are comfortable with.  Maybe you enjoy the finer things in life and spend more than the average family.  Maybe you spend less.  Everyone is different but it is important to figure out your REAL budget and stick to that.  If you start looking at townhomes over your budget you will likely not be happy with what you see in your budget!


I generally advise clients to broaden their location search at the beginning.  Often we don’t really know other areas until we venture into them and shutting out possible options can be really limiting.  Going further East potentially opens up larger, more spacious homes and venturing into these areas to window shop can really open up some options.  With that being said, if you are committed to an area and only want to be in that area then don’t bother looking elsewhere.  Again this goes back to the Budget… Make sure your budget is realistic for your Location.


Like most things in life, not all Townhomes are created equally.  Some have higher standards of finishings.  Some have better layouts. Some have yards.  Familiarizing yourself with the different townhouse complexes in your ideal location will enable you to understand what is out there.  Maybe you love the style of the homes at Maison, or maybe you like how new townhomes look and you only want something at 9 on the Park.  Most units within a townhouse complex have the same finishes unless a renovation was done.  If you don’t like the countertops in 1 unit you likely won’t like the countertops in another.  This will help us narrow down some townhouse complexes.


If rooftop patios are something that you want then we won’t look at Maison but maybe we will take a look at the Block.  If you want a yard we won’t look at Norquay Park Gardens but maybe we will look at The Mix.  If there are certain features that you find necessary or some that you don’t want at all we can use that information to help narrow down the search.

As market experts, we can guide you through these steps and help you understand what each development has.  Time is valuable and there is no sense looking at townhomes that are not what you need.  Let us do the legwork for you.  We know features, we know locations and we know what budgets are reasonable in what location.  Save yourself some time and give us a call.  We are happy to help you find your next Townhouse.